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------Main city-----
Shenzhen - Beijing - Shanghai Wuhan - Guangzhou - Hangzhou Naijing -Jinan - Chengdu - Fuzhou
   Education Plans Launched by YaTai International Information Inc.:――Dongxiang Nationality and Hui Nationality
   Intercontinental Hotel Groups teamed with China Southern Airlines
   The number of visitors to Hong Kong reached 1.64 Million in June, setting up a new record.
   Hotels well-filled in Urumchi
   Airport fee will be included in ticket fares next month
   In Indonesia, foreign travelers went up to 2.13 million during the first 6 months
   The 3rd Seminar of 2nd Individual Hotels' Alliance Conference was held
   Wenzhou Businessmen Invested a 5-star Hotel in Xinjiang
   Hainan Airlines Corporations Restructured Guangzhou Central Hotel
   Individual Visit Scheme visitors reached 2.6 million in one year.
   HKTB set up office in Guangzhou
   "Home Inn" desires the leadership of economic hotels.
   Over 1.8 million individual travel permit holders from the Mainland visited Macao
   Yao Ming will stay at Xinjiang Grand Hotel in July
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